Choosing a tour operator software is nothing but a daunting task, besides, it is the backbone of successful tour and activity operators. So how can you make the right choice?

Businesses must first consider:

  • what they need in an online booking system
  • why do they need one
  • how much time they can afford to spend managing the booking system
  • which features will fit their needs in the tourism industry

A tour operator business should also look into what other tour companies use to ensure company-wide consistency.

What is a Tour Operator Software?

Tour operator software (or an engine) manages and operates an online tour business. An online booking software allows tours and activities to:

  • Sell tour packages and multiple tours online
  • Book and manage online bookings, tours, and customers
  • View customer profiles, track payment details, and customize tour bookings
  • Receive automatic notifications when a booking is made
  • Provides operators with automated reports that help them keep track of their business performance
  • Integrate with third-party OTAs (TripAdvisor and Expedia, etc.)

Why Tour Operators Need an Online Booking System

A booking engine can help tour operators and resellers globally save time and easily manage and access tour bookings.

1. Simplify Processes, Save Costs

An online booking platform can simplify the booking, scheduling, reservation process, and payment processing; and as a result, save time and money.

2. Easier Customer Relationship Management

Additionally, a tour booking system can help operators not only manage bookings, but also their customer relationships by providing them with tools to track customer interactions and preferences.

Better manage customers with a centralized tour operator software.

3. Efficient Marketing Solutions

On the marketing side, booking engines can integrate you with marketing tools (Google AdWords and Facebook Ads). Using customer information, you can create better marketing campaigns, reach more customers, and ultimately grow sales.

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How to Choose an Online Tour Booking Software

There are two significant factors tours and activities should consider when searching for the right tour operator software provider.

There is a long list of tour operator booking software providers in today's market, some of the most popular are:

All of them provide great tour booking management software. However, tour and activity companies must make sure to choose one that fits their business needs.

What are your business needs?

Start with understanding your tour and activity company's needs.

  • How many bookings do you take per day/week/month?
  • What type of products and services do you provide?
  • Do you provide private or group tours?
  • Do you need to offer online booking or open a new distribution channel?
  • Would you like to offer package deals?
  • How many staff members will be using the system?

Considering these questions will help you understand what type of system you need to look for. Perhaps you can list top priorities, and common features and then look for a booking engine that meets your unique booking needs.

Look for a booking engine that meets your unique booking needs.

What is the budget?

Tour businesses should consider how much they are willing to spend on a booking engine. Be aware that some booking engines charge a monthly fee and consumer fees, while others charge a commission on direct bookings. Also, consider if you need a one-time payment or are you willing to pay for an annual subscription.

Tour operator management software varies in price, so tour business' operators should compare pricing and customer feedback before deciding.

Grow your Business with TicketingHub

TicketingHub is the best tour operator software in the business of activity management.

  • entertainment
  • day tours & food tours
  • attractions
  • transport
  • travel and tours
  • small business events
TicketingHub helps tour operators focus, not on paperwork and calendar management, but on growing revenue and easing customers.

Its completely innovative cloud-based booking technology offers all the features in one place for a truly effective booking experience to anyone in the travel industry business.

1. Lightweight & Customizable Booking Widget

TicketingHub offers a lightweight and customizable booking widget that can be quickly and easily integrated into your existing website. The booking widget and engine can be customized to match your brand and website's look and feel.

City Sightseeing Budapest using TicketingHub tour operator software booking widget
City Sightseeing Budapest using TicketingHub tour operator software booking widget.
Read More: City Sightseeing Budapest Selling More with TicketingHub

2. Top-notch Customer Service & Support

Customer service and support ensure that your customers receive the help they need when they need it.

Over the last six years, TicketingHub's customer support team has worked with more than 200 different tour and event operators in the tourism industry, including:

TicketingHub's Satisfied Customer
Satisfied customer review for TicketingHub tour operator software.

Despite its large customer base, TicketingHub offers its users personalized customer service and technical support. We make sure that each of our customers will receive the help they need when they need it.

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Our team of experts is easy to reach 24/7 to help you with any problems you may encounter.

3. Automation Tools

Automation tools allow tours and activities to manage day-to-day operations and simplify back-office processes:

  • sending confirmations and reminders to customers
  • real-time availability
  • tracking bookings
  • payment processing
  • inventory
  • waiting lists

TicketingHub Advantages:

The Magic Link

Customers may modify their reservations online without calling customer service or waiting in line at the front desk. Simply direct them to the booking confirmation email, where they can find a link to the page where they may make all of the changes themselves!

Email Validation

The process of verifying the accuracy of an email address. Email validation is imperative because it helps to ensure that emails are not sent to invalid or nonexistent addresses.

With TicketingHub, you can automate email validation. So there's no need to answer manual calls or bother if clients receive their tickets because our automation tool confirms it for you.

Waiting List Feature
TicketingHub Waiting List Feature
Maximize tour availability with TicketingHub's Waiting List feature

Not only can your guest join the waiting list for a full tour, but this feature will also permit you to see if guests are interested in dates that you don't currently offer. This way, you may concentrate on filling up the tours and skipping those where no one wants to book.

4. Fast 5-Minute Integration

Fast integration allows you to quickly and easily add the booking engine or booking widget to your website.

TicketingHub makes it simple to create an account in less than 5 minutes, so you'll never have to waste time on integration.

Also, TicketingHub allows you to sell gift certificates and upsell to increase sales in multiple sales channels.

TicketingHub tour operator software Upsell Marketing
Sell more with TicketingHub's Upsell Marketing

Schedule a Free Demo Today!

TicketingHub Free Demo

With TicketingHub's ticketing and reservation system, the activity industry can now experience a new level of efficiency and profitability in tour operations.

Sell More, Manage Less!

As one of the best tour operator software, Industry leaders are integrating TicketingHub to experience more bookings, empowered channel management, efficient booking solution for systems and operations, and better team collaboration and communication. What's more, increase in sales.

  • All-inclusive, lightweight, and easy-to-use cloud-based ticketing solution
  • With top-notch customer service and support
  • Automation tools to automate everyday tasks (sending confirmations and reminders to customers, tracking bookings, and managing inventory)
  • Quick and easy 5-minute integration to add the booking engine or booking widget to your website

Let customers book tours online with minimal booking fee. No credit card required. So what are you waiting for? Start your free 14-day trial today! Grow your business with TicketingHub today!

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