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Trusted by zoos, aquariums, water parks, food tours, and the world's best operators - TicketingHub's cost-effective cloud-based solution saves 80% of the time with automation and user-friendly features built for a better zoo operations and frictionless booking experience.

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Grow your Business with TicketingHub

Streamline Ticketing and Boost Sales

Designed for zoo operators, our zoo management software and ticketing system optimize direct online bookings and sales across distribution channels.

Easily sell tickets with a mobile-ready booking widget - with your brand.

Sell 24/7 with a booking widget that turns visitors into guests

  • Drive more direct bookings with a booking widget that matches your brand.
  • Easily install on your CMS with just one line of code - add it to your homepage or booking page as an i-frame.
  • Improve conversion rates and guest experience with a 5-step checkout process.
  • Sell in multiple currencies and multiple payment options.
Give resellers their own log-in portal to access their sales.

Maximize 80% online sales with resellers & affiliate links

  • Increase sales up to 80% more through affiliate links and resellers.
  • Provide resellers with a white-labeled widget and a log-in portal. Let them access the backend with their sales.
  • Sell your products with the world's leading OTAs and reach more audiences - we connect you to Get Your Guide, TripAdvisor, Klook, and Airbnb Experiences.
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Work Smarter, Not Harder

Our Homemade Recipe For Success

We help you save time so you can do more. We equip you with an automated suite of tools that can reduce your customer phone calls and backend inefficiencies by 80%.

Enhance customer service with fast and personalized interactions.

Supercharge guest experience

  • Let guests reschedule, cancel, or convert tickets into vouchers without having to wait in a queue. Use our magic link to let guests manage their bookings - in just five minutes!
  • Send guests tour reminders automatically with our message broadcast feature. Keep your guests engaged and excited before their visit.
  • Prevent invalid bookings and endless customer calls by validating customer emails during the booking process with our email validator.

Never miss a sale again with smart marketing features -  capture abandoned checkouts.

Market smarter, not harder

  • Don't miss a sale with abandoned cart drip campaigns. As a reminder, guests are automatically emailed a follow-up email for abandoned checkouts.
  • When slots are full, allow guests to sign up for the waiting list so they can replace canceled reservations.
  • After each tour, automate sending guests a request for feedback. Grow your reviews and build your brand online.
Manage everything across any device - in one centralized dashboard.

Keep track of everything on-the-go

  • Create and edit availability slots. Keep your calendar up-to-date across all sales channels.
  • Sync real-time data with a cloud-based platform to avoid overbookings.
  • Manage availability across all sales channels in one zoo management software.
Manage your customers in the same software with CRM integration- easy peasy!

Deliver customer service that builds brand authority

  • Categorize customers in the CRM to give VIPs special treatment.
  • Make it easy for guests to make changes to their bookings with a magic link. Excuse yourself for endless customer phone calls.
  • Get guests to leave a review after every tour with automated reminders.

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Ticketinghub Features

  • Availability Calendar
  • Multi-Currency
  • Data Export
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Team Management
  • Performance Notifications
  • Message Broadcast
  • Central Inbox
  • Customer Relations
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Success story

Jungle Cat World's Ticketing Software Skyrockets Zoo Ticket Sales!

With TicketingHub, Jungle Cat World has finally found its match! Their unique needs required a tailored reservation and ticketing solution, and TicketingHub delivered a cost-effective and scalable solution. Take a look at this impressive case study.
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You miss 100% of the shots you don't take


Our top-of-the-line zoo software solutions are built to cater to the unique needs of zoos and aquariums. Help operators manage guests, and sell tickets online and through multiple sales channels. In turn, boost revenue, and deliver an unforgettable guest experience.

Manage easy with a zoo ticketing software.

Effortless Ticketing and Sales Management

Our zoo software provides an efficient ticketing system that supports multiple channels, both online and at the gate.

Say goodbye to long queues and hello to seamless ticketing systems and sales, as our cloud-based platform enables swift admission control with mobile devices.

Whether it's daily admissions, season passes, events, or educational programs, our zoo software streamlines the process, ensuring your visitors enjoy a smooth and stress-free entry.

Comprehensive Inventory Management

With our integrated inventory management system, you can effortlessly keep track of merchandise in your gift shops.

Our software allows you to manage assets, access control, track sales, and apply discounts, all in one place.

Thus, experience a streamlined gift shop and booking experience solution that maximizes revenue and keeps your visitors coming back.

Integrated reporting in one management software solution.

Insights and Reporting for Business Goals

Data is essential for informed decisions. Our zoo management software provides key insights and detailed reports on web sales, visitor numbers, and other essential metrics.

We also integrate with Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and Facebook Pixel. This way, you can analyze industry trends, identify peak periods, and strategize capacity management to optimize your zoo's operations and revenue.

Seamless Point of Sale Integration

Manage financial transactions with our seamless point of sale (POS) system integration. Track sales in real-time, reduce no-shows, and easily process refunds or exchanges.

Our user-friendly POS system enhances the overall guest experience, leaving your customers satisfied and eager to return.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a zooftware that can handle animal records and breeding programs?

Yes, there are zoo booking software solutions that include a comprehensive animal records feature. This aids in the management of breeding programs and crucial animal information.

It can also help you keep track of key data, such as medical history, diets, and habitats. This will ensure your zoo's beloved residents receive the finest care possible.

Examples include:

Does TicketingHub offer the same functionalities?

TicketingHub does not support animal records and breeding programs. Our zoo management software is geared more towards tour and activity operators seeking to streamline event management and improve guest experiences.

What features should I look for in zoo booking software?

Find zoo management software with seamless ticketing platform, inventory management, mobile device support, point-of-sale solutions, secure payment processing, branding customization, online gift shops, analytics, and capacity management features.

Best zoo software in the market:
  • Gateway ticketing systems
  • ACME Ticketing
  • Regiondo
  • TicketingHub
  • FareHarbor

Is there a mobile app available for managing bookings on the go?

Yes, TicketingHub offers the Outpost App for Zoo owners. Manage availability, staff, and guest bookings. Sell tickets and print e-tickets, view sales reports, and access the dashboard hassle-free.

How secure is the payment processing in zoo booking software?

TicketingHub's cloud-based platform ensures top-notch security with SSL-secured payment processing, connecting with 120+ payment gateways to protect customer data and transactions.

Can I customize the booking process to match my zoo's branding?

Yes, TicketingHub allows zoos and aquariums to create a seamless 5-step checkout with a customizable booking widget. Install easily on your CMS with just one line of code. It's lightweight and SEO-friendly, ensuring fast mobile loading.

Are there any additional fees or hidden costs associated with the software?

No contracts or sign-up fees with TicketingHub. We only charge 3% for each successful booking. All features are included in the subscription.

Check pricing page for details or get a free demo here.

Can I offer discounts or promotions through the reservation system?

Yes, you can offer vouchers, early bird discounts, discount coupons, or adjust ticket prices through the booking system. This way, you can boost sales and build customer loyalty.

See our detailed guide in this help desk article.

Does the software provide analytics and reporting for ticket sales?

Yes, TicketingHub provides analytics and reporting for sales and revenue. Connect with Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and Facebook Pixel for smarter marketing campaigns.

See Integrations page for more details.

Does the software support multi-language and multi-currency options?

Yes, TicketingHub supports multiple languages and currencies through Weglot integration and payment gateways.

How does the software handle capacity management during peak times?

Managing peak times with TicketingHub is easy. You can adjust availability and ticket prices per product. Select dates with higher prices, and save the changes. Updates will then appear automatically on the booking calendar in real-time.

See our detailed guide in this help desk article.

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Sell more tickets through your website, POS, or resellers. Automate your tasks. And grow your business.


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TicketingHub transformed more than 50+ businesses. Operators trust and love TicketingHub.

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Simplify and streamline ticketing from front and back

We abolished paper records, paper vouchers and fuel miles from having to deliver hard copy vouchers. We also passed on the savings from postage and printing costs. rep and his team worked tirelessly to get the system implemented on our website.

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Rob C.

Wine and Spirits

Great, flexible with great support from the team!

I run a free walking tours, and they help me getting booking online, through our website. The system is very flexible, and the team helped me with some customization so it fits exactly my need. Great help of the team. I'm super happy with them.

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Daniel B.


Customer focus!

First and foremost, the TicketingHub customer service team is superb - always available to help and the motto: no question is too dumb! The software itself it great, very intuitive with a simple yet effective interface that allows us to sell our products, do some upselling, connect via API with our preferred suppliers and use several payment processors as well.

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Alex P.

Leisure, Travel & Tourism

Operators trust and Love TicketingHub

Feedbacks from Capterra website

Absolutley Great

This ticketing system is very versatile and will let you do almost anything you can think of. They have exceptional customer support and seem to know their customers by name so if you have any trouble at all just give them a call and the'll sort it out.
Luke E
June 25, 2019

Customer focus!

First and foremost, the TicketingHub customer service team is superb - always available to help and the motto: no question is too dumb!
Alex P
June 18, 2019

One of the best system for my companies needs.

Overall its been been an invaluable tool and system for my business, helping us both grow and expand. We have used Ticketinghub for a number of years because their system fits perfectly with our needs for selling tickets globally.
Oliver M
June 20, 2019


Our pricing model is as transparent as it gets. No hidden fees, no strings attached. Pay only for the successful sales we process for you.