In the world of guided tours, tips are not just a bonus; they are a significant token of appreciation that acknowledges the effort and expertise of your tour guides.

With the right strategies, you can empower your tour guides to earn more than just smiles and thank-yous from satisfied guests.

Here's a simple and interactive guide to boosting those gratuities and making every tour unforgettable.

Why Tour Guides Deserve More Tips

Being a tour guide is like being a superhero of travel.

Imagine someone who can make old buildings tell stories, turn a regular street into an exciting adventure, and make sure everyone has a great time, all while walking miles every day.

That's what tour guides do. They're not just showing people around; they're giving them memories that last a lifetime.

But being this awesome person isn't easy. Tour guides have to walk and talk for hours, keep everyone safe and happy, and know everything from cool facts about places to where the best coffee is.

They have to be ready for anything, like rain, closed roads, or even a grumpy traveler, making sure every trip is fun and smooth.

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For example, think of a tour guide who leads tours in Rome. They might start their day an hour early, making sure they know if any historic sites are closed for the day.

Then, they'll walk around the city, sharing stories about the Colosseum and the Vatican, all while keeping an eye on the group and making sure no one gets lost or left behind. They're like a teacher, friend, and guardian angel all in one.

Guides also do a lot of behind-the-scenes work, like booking tickets and planning the day, to make sure everything goes perfectly. And they do all this with a smile, making sure every visitor feels special.

Because guides work so hard, tips are really important. It's not just extra or more money either; it's a way for travelers to say a big "thank you" for all the tour guide's hard work.

That's why knowing how to help your tour guide get more tips is super important. It's like giving them a superhero cape for all the amazing things they do.

Now, let's look at five simple and effective ways to make sure your guide gets the superhero thanks they deserve.

Transparency is key

Start by integrating a tipping policy into your website's frequently asked questions (FAQ) page. Clearly state that your guides expect and appreciate tips and suggest a common gratuity percentage.

This preemptive step ensures guests are aware of the tipping norm, setting the stage for generosity.

Also, cater to international and business travelers by providing tipping guidelines in multiple languages, both in printed materials and online. This helps ensure all guests understand the tipping culture and expectations.

Example: A tour company could include a section on their FAQ page about tipping, for instance, saying something like, "Our guides love sharing their passion and knowledge with you. If you feel your tour guide has provided an exceptional experience, a tip of 10-15% is appreciated but not required."

Ensure that non-English speakers are also informed about how and why to tip, making them feel more comfortable with the process.

Share Tour Guides' Payment Details

In the digital age, convenience wins. Display your tour guides' names, photos, and Venmo or Cash App usernames prominently at the check-in location. For an even smoother process, consider including personalized QR codes.

This approach not only facilitates tipping but also adds a personal touch, encouraging guests to connect with their guides right from the start.

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Example: At the check-in desk or in the welcome packet, include a photo of the tour guide with a small QR code next to their name. This QR code can directly link to their payment app for easy tipping. For example, "Meet your tour guide, Marco! Enjoyed your tour? You can show your appreciation through Venmo @GuideMarco."

Remind Guests to Tip at Tour's End

A gentle nudge can go a long way. Encourage your guides to remind guests about tipping as they wrap up the tour with a heartfelt thank-you. This subtle cue serves as a reminder for guests to show their gratitude financially, especially if they were impressed by the tour.

Example: A tour guide might conclude the end of the tour by saying, "Thank you all for joining me today! If you enjoyed your tour and wish to leave a tip, it's greatly appreciated. You can use the QR code on the brochure or find me on Venmo. Safe travels!"

Follow Up With Guests in an Email

The power of follow-up cannot be underestimated. Send automatic emails thanking guests for their participation and subtly reminding them to tip, including the guide’s payment app details. This not only reinforces the tipping suggestion but also provides an easy and direct way for guests to act on it.

Example: The follow-up email could include a message like, "We hope you enjoyed exploring Rome with Marco! If you'd like to express your gratitude with a tip, here's how you can do so," followed by the guide's digital payment details.

After the tour, guides or tour operators can also invite guests to share their experiences online, providing links or QR codes to the company's TripAdvisor page or social media profiles. They could say, "Loved your tour with [Guide's Name]? Share your story on TripAdvisor and mention [Guide's Name] to help future travelers choose their perfect tour!"

Go Above and Beyond During the Tour

Last but not least, the surefire way to earn those tips: exceed expectations. Encourage your guides to forge personal connections by introducing themselves, learning guests' names, sharing anecdotes, offering unique local insights, and displaying exceptional patience, humor, and listening skills.

These efforts create a memorable experience that guests are more than happy to tip a tour guide for.

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Example: Guides can learn a few phrases in the languages of their guests to greet them personally, recommend their personal favorite local spots that aren’t on the typical tourist trail, or even provide small, thoughtful touches like free postcards or a group photo at a scenic spot in town. These actions leave a lasting impression, making guests more inclined to tip generously.

They could also end the tour with a unique gesture, such as a group photo at a memorable location, a local snack or drink to enjoy together, or a short, heartfelt speech about tourism and the importance of sharing their culture with the world. This moment can serve as a powerful reminder of the value the tour guide has provided, making guests more likely to express their appreciation through tips.

Enhance Reviews and Communication with Ticketinghub

In the digital age, reviews are gold, and seamless communication is key to a successful tour operation. Here's how Ticketinghub can play a crucial role in automating the process of gathering reviews and streamlining guest communication, ensuring your tours not only receive the recognition they deserve but also maintain excellent guest relations.

Leveraging Ticketinghub for Reviews

Use Ticketinghub to automatically send email and SMS messages to guests post-tour, inviting them to leave a review on TripAdvisor and your website or Google page. This simple, automated prompt can significantly increase the number of positive reviews your tours receive.

Simplifying Communication with Broadcast Feature

Utilize Ticketinghub's easy-to-use broadcast feature to send updates, reminders, or special notices to all your guests with just a few clicks. This feature eliminates the hassle of manual messaging, ensuring your guests are always in the loop.

No more stress, no more missed messages – with Ticketinghub, keeping customers and your guests informed and engaged is as easy as pie.


Implementing these strategies can significantly impact your tour guides' earnings from tips. It's about creating a culture of appreciation and ease around engaging in tipping, ensuring guests know how and when to express their gratitude financially.

By fostering memorable experiences and making tipping seamless, you can help your tour guides feel truly valued for their hard work and dedication.

Remember, every great tip is a testament to a job well done. Let's make every tour an opportunity to earn both applause and appreciation.

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